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WTOP Announces Partnership with lifestyle blogger, erin washington

Erin Washington is a lifestyle blogger, wife and mom of two from Northern Virginia. Her book, "Squats and Margaritas- a Journey to Finding Balance is available now on Amazon! For more from Erin, subscribe to Squats and Margaritas or follow Erin on instagram at @SquatsandMargaritas.


As a mom of two juggling workouts, playdates, and happy hours, Washington subscribes to the philosophy of living life with balance. Washington is also a former college athlete who struggled with weight and body image for 20 years. At 37, she finally found her best body after having two kids.

Washington created her “Squats and Margaritas” brand two years ago and this year, published a book by the same name. The "Squats and Margaritas" podcast was a natural extension. In this podcast, Washington talks fitness, cocktails and whatever's trending with authentic guests who tell it like it is.

“All I can say is that if you have a dream - if you want to do something, do it. Just put it out there!” said podcast host, Erin Washington. “You never know who could be watching and could make your dream a reality.”