Started from the bottom now we here 💪🏼

Over the weekend, I attended an event with a step and repeat. As I approached the red carpet for pictures, I caught myself handing my jacket to a friend.

If you would’ve told me a couple of years ago that I’d be voluntarily taking off my jacket and exposing my arms on purpose, I would have told you to shut your mouth and go sit down somewhere.

It's almost unfathomable to me that I have changed my body to the point of wanting to expose my arms.

Someone even stopped me at the event to compliment my arms and ask me where I work out! MY arms- my self-described worst feature and the body part I've been concealing for years.

Now, my legs? Completely different. They're always out. #sorryimnotsorry I played soccer my whole life so when it comes to my legs #cantnobodytellmenothin. They're fantastic. My arms have always been a different story.

After a #dexascan body composition test back in August revealed that I had the same fat percentage in my arms as I do in my butt and thighs, I decided to make my arms my mission. I was going to make them my favorite feature.

After years of just going through the motions and picking up the same dumbbells at the gym and never seeing any muscle definition in my arms, I committed to lifting heavier. And guess what? I finally got some definition in my arms.

You can change your body. Set a goal. Why not make your worst feature your best one?

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