Hotel Room Circuit

What excuse are you using for not getting your workout in?

You're on vacation? Your hotel doesn’t have a gym? You didn’t pack workout clothes and running shoes?

All of the above excuses are no longer acceptable.

If you make getting shape a priority, you will find a way.

Here’s how to sneak in a full-body (legs, booty, arms and abs!) circuit in your hotel room No exercise attire or running shoes required! 👇🏼

Throw on a resistance band just above your knees, hold a squat and then step right for 3 steps then left for 3 steps, never letting your knees come together. Repeat 6 times for 1 set.

10 Tricep dips on the desk chair

10 push-ups on a towel

30 crunches on a towel

10 hip thrusts on a towel with resistance band above your knees

Repeat entire circuit 3 times.