Arnold or Bust

Despite the cancellation of the 2020 Arnold Classic fitness expo (#Coronavirus), I decided to make the trek to my hometown of Columbus, Ohio anyway.

It was a solid decision. I may not have exhibited Squats and Margaritas- a Journey to Finding Balance, but Friday night found me arriving via police escort to Arnold Schwarzenneger's Experience Arnold party benefitting After School All-Stars, chatting up former Governor and Presidential candidate, John Kasich, and performing "Bye Bye Bye" with Chris Kirkpatrick.

I partied. A lot. But I also drank a ton of water and snuck in a strength circuit and a five mile run.

The weekend was capped off with a book recommendation from two-time world Series champion, Johnny Damon, and a ....not real sure what it was from my brother-in-law, Chris Kirkpatrick.

Life isn't about deprivation and feeling frustrated over what you can't do, can't eat or can't drink.

Take the trip. Have the cocktail. Then, move your body. It's just balance.