Balanced Babes


This concept completely changed my life (not to mention, my body!)

For decades, I would only eat 3 small meals a day and did cardio 7 days a week. The scale never budged.

Now I eat every couple of hours, weight-train 4 days a week and drink cocktails almost daily.

I no longer feel deprived so I stick with this plan. I eat clean, drink cocktails and lift heavy. Balance.

When I started living with balance, I finally lost weight- the perpetual dark cloud that hovered above me on the daily, and finally found true happiness.

This is Jen. Jen is my people. I know she’ll show up to our strength classes during the week and it’s also likely that I’ll run into her at a winery on the weekends.

She lives with balance.

Balance is happiness. Balance is sustainable. Balance WORKS.

Know someone who’s always down for squats AND margaritas? Tag them in the comments. 👇🏼

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