Booty Work: A Family Affair

Recently, I was admiring another great butt at my gym. I decided to ask the owner how she got it.

"Hip thrusts using a bar with heavy weight."

Say whaaaa? And all this time, I've been squatting like a maniac thinking that was the way to a bigger booty. Hip thrusts? I can handle that.

I didn't have a bar handy (who does??) but I did have a 50 pound toddler close by. I threw my daughter on my lap and busted out 10 hip thrusts (hold for 2 seconds at the top). We laughed for a bit and then I got in 2 more sets.

Weighted hip thrusts are legit. And my daughter was cracking up laughing and basking in mommy's full attention. Everybody wins.

Here's to balance...and bigger booties.