Why Allowing Small Indulgences Works

I require (yes, require) something sweet with my morning coffee.

Back when I was constantly counting calories, I would never have allowed myself a (gasp!) cupcake with icing.

Now I live with balance and treat myself daily. And it works!!

You have to allow for small indulgences or you will feel deprived and eventually not be able to stick with your healthy eating plan.

I have a small treat (mini cupcake, small slice of banana bread, half of a chocolate chip cookie) in the morning. I dont overdo it by eating a whole dessert but I also don’t feel deprived (I got some!).

My morning cupcake actually HELPS me maintain my weight.

Allow for small indulgences so you don’t get frustrated and never feel deprived. Then eat healthy the rest of the day.

It’s just balance.