Fast Food Balance

Think you can’t eat fast food and stick with your healthy eating plan?

There’s always a healthy option on the menu-you may just have to get creative. At Chick Fil A, I order a 12 count grilled chicken meal and swap the fries for a large superfood side (broccolini and kale with a maple vinaigrette dressing and dried sour cherries). I even steal some of my son's fries so I don’t feel deprived. I got some! But I don’t need to eat an entire side of fries.

Then I order a large diet lemonade and add some Tanteo spicy tequila #SkinnySpicyMargarita because I earned it with that clean meal! #EarnYourMargarita

Another option at any fast food restaurant is a grilled chicken sandwich meal with no mayo and only the bottom half of the bun (use lettuce as the top of your sandwich and save 100 calories.) Swap the fries for a side salad or fruit.

You can eat at fast food restaurants and stay on course. It's just balance.