Fat-Free Failed Me

For over a decade of my life, I wouldn't have even held this bagel (too risky). I would walk to the deli near my office every morning and always choose a giant fat free muffin over a bagel with cream cheese. Fat was the enemy.

Let's talk about my daily, oh-so-noble choice of a fat free muffin. While it may not have fat, it has almost 400 calories, 80 carbs and 47g of sugar. The small bagel with light cream cheese that I enjoy now? Less than 250 calories (and that's before I scoop out some of the bagel before toasting it). The bagel with cream cheese gives my body a balance (see what I did there?) of protein, carbs and fat- macronutrients that my body needs to run optimally.

Then there was pasta. I never used to eat pasta. Like ever. If by some chance I allowed it on my plate, it had to be protein pasta with a little marinara sauce and definitely no parmesan cheese. Sounds delicious, huh? I'd eat a big bowl of no-taste, protein pasta because it was protein pasta so it was ok.

Now, I eat pasta-actual pasta, with marinara sauce and (gasp!) parmesan cheese. I throughly enjoy every delicious bite but only have a small portion because it's not a low-cal food.

When I used to choose a "light" or "fat free"option, I ended up eating 4x the serving size because "hey, it's 'fat free'." Now that I eat normally. The regular version. The good stuff! My food tastes much better and because it's not "light", I don't eat more than a handful (a portion size).

Want more examples?

Need me to keep going or is this starting to make sense? Guys, I weigh 20 pounds less than when I used to eat food that lacked flavor. I am winning. You can too.

Enjoy food. Work out hard and eat what you want.

Moderation, not restriction.

It's balance.