I'm Dating My Husband.

This past week, I dated my husband. Like, a lot.

We went to two #nationalmargaritaday events and a restaurant grand opening! We never do that. I mean, sure, we go out to restaurants, but as a family, and the meal is spent chopping up chicken tenders, stealing my phone away from our daughter and removing crayons from our son's mouth.

It's never just the two of us- we're parents to two young children.

When toddlers depend on you for everything, it's easy to forget about the person who doesn't depend on you. But my husband needs me too.

He may not need me to mash up his food or wipe his butt (yet! Here's to growing old together, babe!), but the emotional connection and closeness that we felt for each other long before our children were here, needs fostering too. It requires care and attention as it grows, just like our kids.

For the past four years, my focus has been on my children. The other night, it was on my husband.

We laughed. We drank margaritas. I remembered how attractive he is. Some days, it's like I don't even really see him, as we pass on the stairs or hand off a toddler after bath.

I've missed him.

It was me and him for 11 years before any kid came along, but our connection has been pushed aside as our children became the priority.

Not anymore.

Make it a point to schedule mommy and daddy nights. Put it on the calendar and treat it like any other appointment. Go out. Stay in. Hell, chase each other around the house in your underwear. Just do something where it's only the two of you and watch how quickly you fall back in love with your spouse.

My husband is hilarious. He's charming. He's witty. He's so handsome- all things that attracted me to him initially but that I haven't even had time to really notice lately as I trudge through the day taking care of two little people who depend on me more than he does. I'm reminded of how much of a catch he is, only when we make date nights a priority. No kids. No phones. Just the two of us.

When you're stuck in the rut of only tending to your children, remember the person who gave you them. They matter too.