It's All About Perspective.

This morning, when I arrived for my group fitness class, another class was just finishing up. I waved to a friend in that class and she came to chat with me in the warm-up area...where she remained for long enough for me to realize that she was about to take this class AGAIN- back-to-back. I was standing there dreading this workout after too much holiday wine and the girl next to me was about to do it twice. My perspective changed.

If she can do it twice, I can get through it once.

Three times during the workout (her second!), she took my weights and handed me heavier ones. As much as my legs were burning, I couldn't help but think about what her legs must've felt like. This girl just took this class and is now taking the class again and she’s telling me to pick up my weights. SHE was pushing ME and it totally changed my perspective ("at least I only have to do this once!"). She got more out of me today that I would've given if she weren't there next to me. She held me accountable. Every time I was struggling I just looked over at her. She’s still going and she's done this twice!

You just have to change the way you look at things.

I used to bitch about the two-minute plank the instructors make us do at F45 until I overheard a woman say that she can do a five minute and 45 second plank. All of a sudden, a two-minute plank didn't seem so bad.

When you don't want to go out for that 3-mile run, think about the girl that's training for a marathon who's out on a 20-mile run. You can do 3.

Change your perspective and train with people who make you better.