Leg Workout (No Gym Required)!

Want to strengthen your legs but don’t have access to fancy gym equipment (or someone to watch your kids while you access fancy gym equipment)?

I got you.

Find a set of steps -even the ones in your home or apartment complex. Run down them and then walk back up taking the steps 2 at a time. Repeat until you really feel that quad burn...and then do it one more time. 😬

Invest in some bands! You can use them at home, throw them in your bag for when you’re traveling. Hell, keep them in your desk at work and knock out some banded squats at your desk at lunchtime. Keep your knees all the way apart and never let them touch. Push knees outward as you squat. 3 steps right then 3 steps left is 1 set. Do 12 sets.

Pick up your child and knock out 12 reps of 1 deadlift then 1 squat then one. Repeat for 3 sets of 12.