Order What You WANT (and still maintain your weight!)

Five years ago, if I went out to eat, I would’ve ordered a big salad. The honorable choice, right?


Restaurant salads are some of the most caloric options on the menu. Applebee’s Grilled Oriental Chicken salad with vinaigrette dressing has 1290 calories, 81g of fat and 64g of sugar. TGIFridays’ Grilled Chicken Cobb Salad has 34 g of fat even without the dressing.

Now, when I go to a restaurant, I order what I want to eat. The “Burnin Love Burger” at Red Robin was what I wanted to order- so I ordered it.

BUT I swapped the burger patty for a grilled chicken breast and ditched the bun. Fried jalapeños? Chipotle aioli? No way I was depriving myself of those. But I could live without the burger patty and the bun. I ordered what I wanted. I didn’t feel deprived. I even got sweet potato fries (but ate less than half of them).

Order what you want. Just make small modifications or eat half. You won’t feel deprived so you won’t quit on your healthy eating plan.

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