Put on the Leopard Jumpsuit

Three years ago, today, I booked a shoot for Northern Virginia Style magazine. I was six months postpartum with my son and not really feeling like myself yet.

When I arrived on set, I saw a pile of clothes for me and at the top was a leopard one-piece jumpsuit.😳

I remember looking at the stylist, and telling her that if I was putting that on, we were going to need some champagne. She (thankfully) obliged. 🥂

Thanks to a fabulous glam team and a supportive photographer, I got my swag back on this very day, and it was on this day that I bought the domain and made the decision to launch my own brand.

What do you want to do next?

What’s holding you back?

Find a tribe of empowered women who will cheer you on and put on the leopard jumpsuit. 🐆

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