#Quarantined: A Mother's Guide

While everyone else was standing in line out the door at Costco yesterday, I was cruising through the dollar store 👇🏼

You guys, I spent $20 and now I have 20 things to entertain my four and one-year-old with. TWENTY THINGS. Go get all the things, but don’t you dare give them to your kids all at once. Present each one individually and when they’re over it, then introduce a new surprise.

The morning entertainment:




*crayons and coloring books

*poster board with markers

*board games


And that was just until 11am. As soon as it warmed up, we were out in the driveway:


*sidewalk chalk (which I used to bust out some mad hopscotch skills)

*cone races

Get outside. Gyms may be closed but your driveway isn’t. I got in a quick strength circuit, squatting and deadlifting a 35-pound weight- my son! Then, when my husband came home I went out for a disease-free run where I came into contact with zero people.

When it got dark, we did housework disguised as games:

"Who can unload the dishwasher the fastest?"

"Sort all these clothes by color- all the whites go over here. Ready? Go!"

"Let's see if we can match all of the socks in the laundry basket"

The housework is done and you're teaching them life skills. 😬

Disclaimer: All of the above are applicable for a strict family abiding by the "social distancing" recommendation; however, if you're up for your kids playing outside with their friends, here are two more ways to pass the hours (and get shit done!):

Mom swap! Yesterday, my kids played in my neighbor's yard all afternoon. My neighbor took the first shift and monitored all six of them while I went to unload groceries and put a basket of clothes away. I returned, relieving her to go do the same. It was genius. The kids are outside running around and entertaining each other and a responsible party is keeping watch.

And it doesn't even need to be another mom! Find a “mother’s helper,”- 9 or 10 year old neighbor who is home from school and bored, loves kids and basks in the responsibility. You're still home. You're right here with them, but you're getting stuff done while your kids have someone else’s full attention.

Here's to surviving the quarantine, everyone staying healthy, and getting these kids back to school with our sanity still intact.