Take the Risk or Lose the Chance

I met Riley Knoxx at the “Re-defined Me” episode of the Not For Lazy Moms podcast. She shared stories from running around with a pillowcase on her head (long hair!) and singing into a microphone when she was five to running away from home almost twenty years ago when she wasn't accepted as a teenager.

She spoke about living a "second adolescence" after transitioning, and how a near death experience during a reckless time in her life sparked a promise to God to "live (her) life out loud and on purpose."

Today, Riley is Beyonce’ (Ok, fine. She's a Beyonce’ impersonator-THE Beyonce' impersonator), a transgender activist, mentor and a woman that fiercely supports other women.

She's studied Beyonce' for 16 years. She's learned every nuance, facial expression- even the way she holds her mic. Riley sews her own costumes. She does her own make-up. It’s all Riley.

She's performed at the Kennedy Center, Jay Z's 40/40 Club and with Taylor Swift at the VMA’s.

Riley became Beyonce' and is currently living her dream on stage.

What do you want to do with your life? If you knew you would succeed, what would you set out to do?

I never took a writing course but recently published a book. Why not? I found other people who knew how to do it and made my book a reality.

What’s that thing that you always wanted to do but haven’t pursued? Why the hell not?! What's stopping you from going for it? Who’s telling you you can’t do it?

It’s a new decade. What better opportunity to re-define yourself?

Last week, Riley performed to a sell-out crowd who came to see her as Beyonce' at City Winery (She’s back again on March 11th!!) and you can't tell me I wasn't at a Beyonce' show. She slayed that performance. And the night before her big show, was she promoting it? Nope. She was promoting my book on her Instagram because queens support queens and she wants other women to succeed too.

Riley, to say that you've inspired me is the understatement of the decade. You are truly incredible.

Keep going, girl.