The Quarantine Conundrum: What Do We Do Now?

We've done all of the things. Twice. All of the puzzles have been completed. All of the bubbles have been blown. Now what?

Moms. It's time for us to get more creative. Up until this point, I've relied on games and entertainment created by others.

This morning, when my four-year-old asked for a "school work," I took matters into my own hands.

The following counting activity bought me an hour to clean my kitchen and unload the dishwasher (a task that's been put off since this quarantine has begun):

She's adding and subtracting and the hamster on the wheel in her beautiful little brain is in motion.

Before I knew it, it was warm enough to go outside. Scavenger hunt! There are so many available online to print out. Come up with a prize for the child who finds the most items on the list. Why it's amazing: It takes awhile (Yesss!! Go time go!!), you're all outside in the fresh air, your kids are getting some exercise, and it's tiring them out!

Hide things a long the way to keep your kids interested (my kids got St. Patrick's Day treats in the mailbox). PROTIP: List one unattainable item to keep the scavenger hunt alive that much longer. #SorryImNotSorry

Too cold or rainy to get outside? Print an indoor version here.

Then call and check in on your mom friends (We are not ok!)

This sucks. It does. But what other choice do we have than to put a smile on our face, entertain these little ones (who are just as bored and frustrated as we are) and assure them that everything is fine?

Let's continue to support one another, share funny stories (my son smacked me square in the face today, while announcing "high five!)"and all of the tips and tricks that we come up with. If something works for your kid, it's likely it will work for another kid. Help another mama out!

Take it hour by hour and then pour yourself a big ol' #quarantini because you made it through another day of #QuarantinedWithKids.