Do you stretch after a workout?

I don’t. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Im busy! I have kids to pick up and errands to run.

I’m the girl who is out the door within a minute from the class ending. I got the workout in so I’m good, right?

Reading David Goggins​ “Can’t Hurt Me” has changed my perspective.

He was on his death bed (literally) at 38 years old and doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him. After years of extreme training, his body shut down.

After meeting with an expert who used stretching regimens to treat injuries, he figured out that his muscles were overworked without the balance of flexibility. They were so locked up that his blood wasn’t circulating properly through his body and it finally just shut down.

For years, he was only focused on strength and gaining muscle (aren’t we all?) and never took the time to stretch.

Know what brought his body back and got him off of his meds?

Stretching. Now he stretches for hours at a time.

Work it into your day- make shaving your legs or drying your hair an opportunity to stretch your hamstrings. Stretch your quads out during commercials of your favorite show. Stretch your calves while waiting in line for your groceries to be rung up.

If you just think of ways to sneak it into your daily routine, you don’t even have to set aside extra time for it.

It IS important. If you’re training hard, your body needs to be stretched.

Sometimes I even treat myself to Stretch Zone​ and have someone else do it for me.

Just get it in.


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