TikToks and Tequila.

I'm seriously considering changing my Instagram handle to the above. Nothing else quite accurately depicts what I've become after six weeks of quarantine.

It's time to get honest.

For the first few weeks, I embraced my new normal. I allowed this shelter-in-place to justify drinking a bottle of wine each night because"QUARANTINE!"

But now I find myself pouring a quarantini earlier and earlier each day. My body is lacking sleep (because, Netflix and TikTok) and has an overabundance of liquor.

When you're stealing your kids' Pedialyte popsicles, something’s gotta give.

I've lost the balance (the balance that changed everything for me!). I don't like how I feel- tired, hungover, frustrated that I feel tired and hungover (when I'm doing it to myself!)

It’s time to reel it in.

I recently had my friend, Toneka Royal, as a special guest on my weekly Instagram Live, "Talks and Margaritas." Toneka is a nutritionist, wellness coach, and the healthiest human I know. I shared my frustration with my new quarantine routine with hopes that she could lead me back to a healthier lifestyle.

It's hard to find the drive to be healthy and accomplished, when you're stuck in the house (where it's so easy to pour a cocktail and binge Ozark). Toneka suggested the following:

Start your day healthy (and hope for a ripple effect).

  • Sneak in some exercise first thing in the morning. Drink a detox tea or healthy smoothie before anything else. Set the tone!

Write it down.

  • Make a list of everything you want to accomplish the following day before you go to bed. If you see it (and my favorite- get to cross things off!), you’re more likely to follow through with it. Yesterday I organized the pantry and cleaned out our fridge. Today? Garage. See? I have a plan! Without one, I make Tik Toks.

And my tip?


  • Lately, I've found that if I just get outside for a bit- I'm a completely different person. If I can just get out for a run, I always come back with things to accomplish because my mind is clear and can think during this (only!) time that I'm alone during the day. Not a runner? Go for a walk. Hell, go check the mail (slowly). Just get outside even if for only a few precious minutes to clear your head and re-charge.

It's fine to have a cocktail. I require cocktails. But when you're pouring them earlier and earlier every day, there comes a point when you lose the balance and that's when you need to reassess.

The hardest part is getting started but once you string together just a couple of days of balance (you know-exercise and a glass of wine), you notice how GREAT you feel and will want to continue.

This quarantined lifestyle will not continue forever. We're gonna come out of this-soon! Start putting healthier practices into place so real life doesn't smack you square in the face when this quarantine lifts.

Here's to a new week with a healthier routine! Let's get back to balance.